Tip for Apple users: Why it’s better to sell your old Mac now

Time is running against Apple users, if you are thinking of selling your Mac, you should act now instead of later and get rid of the good thing quickly. But why the rush? GIGA reveals the secret behind the current advice.

Used Apple devices such as the iPhone have always been easy to sell. Last but not least, the Macs were considered to be particularly stable in price, and even after several years there was still good money. Gravel that could easily be invested in a new model. But these times should soon be over – the big crash in the Mac used market threatens.

Apple’s M1 Macs “screw up” used prices
The manufacturer is to blame, of all things, because the new Macs with Apple’s M1 chip make such a leap forward that their Intel counterparts from previous years look really old. GIGA editor Kaan Gürayer came to the same conclusion in his comment. Our colleagues at ZDnet are therefore completely justified in asking who would still want to spend 800 US dollars in good conscience for a used MacBook Air with an Intel chip when you get the successor with M1 for 1000 US dollars, which is not just a multiple of the Performance, but can also offer twice the battery life? Logical: if you can, you buy new and therefore better.

The prices of Intel Macs are now going to drop more and more. In the GIGA samples we discovered successful auctions on ebay here and there at prices of 700 to 900 euros for a good Air with an Intel chip, but the wind soon turned.

Growing range of new Macs with Apple chips
The decisive factor here is that the pressure in the market will only increase. The first iMacs with Apple chips will soon be available, followed by the larger MacBooks and, in the end, the Mac Pro will also be inherited next year at the latest. If the computers really hit the mark, which can be assumed, there will be a glut of used Intel Macs. Prices are coming under increasing pressure and sellers will have to accept larger discounts.

Hence the tip: If still or already possible, get rid of the old Intel Mac as long as you still get good money for it. Conversely, this of course means for used buyers to rather wait with the purchase. The prices will fall and those who use their Mac deliberately as a “Windows machine” will then make a real bargain. Because the M1 Macs cannot officially handle the Microsoft system yet, so they are still waiting for a blessing and an offer from Redmond.