M o d s
Rocmod-1.8b-client.pk3 A required download to play at the Cyberplant. We have long been anti-client side, but this is such a small download, and looks so nice, we decided to go ahead and do it. Trust me, you will thank me for it later!

M a p s
mp_dust.pk3 Nice small map, good for a low amount of people. Mass chaos when larger amounts of people are on, which is good too. Only drawback: no packs.Put all maps in your sof2/base folder.
mp_italy.pk3 A great looking smaller map. Nicely made and pretty well balanced. And the Italian guy singing in the background is a plus. LoL.
Beach Invasion V2 Excellent map. Looks great, can be fun for low amount of people or a full server. Great for sniping and for rushing. One of the best ever.
cauldron.pk3 Cool map in the style of Unreal Tournament. Simple and easy to figure out with warp points and sniper spots. Fun for the whole family!
football.pk3 A simple map set in a football stadium (Amercian football, yeah!). Nice colors, simple layout, easy to figure out. Lots of sniper spots and wide open areas to rush.
western2.pk3 Really cool looking map, have to see it to believe. Many buildings and hiding places. Not easy to figure out, but damn fun once you do!
MASH8063.pk3 Deathmatch only, this is an excellent looking map of the never before seen 8063rd. Watch out for the mines!

S o u n d   P a c k s
rocsoundsr4.pk3 The extra sounds associated with RocMod. Warning: These contain very profane sounds. Download and place inside your rocmod folder. These will autodownload if your downloads are enabled in your game
spaplite.pk3 The preferred soundpack of yours truly. Originally made by NFC Korrigan, then modified by me. I added profane new sounds for kills, suicides and spawning, and stripped out all non CTF and unnecessary sounds. Note: Make sure your kids aren't around when you are playing with this sound pack. Some sounds taken from the game Kingpin. Put soundpacks in your sof2/base/mp folder, then you need to start your own server, drop back to the main menu and join the Cyberplant.
redneck.pk3 Another classic made by NFC Korrigan, left untouched by me. It still has all the sounds not needed for CTF and some other sounds, but most importantly, the kill, suicide, spawn, and flag sounds are hilarious! Some sounds taken from the game Redneck Rampage. Remember, you can only run one soundpack at a time.
streetwarz.pk3 A bigass, all inclusive soundpack made by NFC Korrigan and NFC Pickard. Lots of goodies, changes just about every sound in the game.
zzzzmadcap.pk3 The most hilarious, roll on the floor, piss your pants soundpack I have ever heard. This soundpack will have you laughing so hard you will want to cancel your date with <*CP*> Dardf even tho you know you will be passing up the best rectal examination you've ever had! GET THIS SOUNDPACK!!

M i s c e l l a n e o u s
SOF2mp_min.exe A must have for all SOF2 gamers who play online. Start this program before you start the game and you can hit CTRL-Z to drop back to your desktop and minimize the game. I have it load when windows loads so its always on in the background.